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Angela Giese portrait

Hi! I’m Angela.

I’m a Web Developer with a lot of hobbies.

What I’ve been up to:

I’ve been busy as a freelancer for the past few years fixing websites and making them awesome, all safely from home while I worked on my health. Chronic illnesses tried to bring me down, but I won and am now feeling great. Now I’m back to doing all the things.

Renaissance Woman

“a woman who is interested in and knows a lot about many things”

– Merriam-Webster

Some of the many other things I do

Gaming & nerdiness

I’m a gamer, nerd, and occasional cosplayer. This comes out in various forms throughout the web. You can check out this side of me through my gaming streams, videos, and social media.

Foster dog parenting

Dogs are great. I have adopted rescue dogs and often open my home to take care of foster dogs through a local animal rescue. It’s both rewarding and fun. Plus I made an Instagram account for my doggos.