Hi! I’m Angela.

I’m a “Renaissance woman” with a lot of interests and hobbies.

This is my personal website where I plan to talk about the different things I do.

Status: plotting new things

I have lots of free time thanks to self quarantine. I’m using this time to work on new ideas.

While you wait to see what I’m up to, check these out:

Website Development

I’m a professional web developer with over 12 years of experience of helping individuals, nonprofits, and businesses in many industries get their creations, ideas, and services online.

Foster dog parenting

Dogs are great. I have adopted rescue dogs and often open my home to take care of foster dogs through a local animal rescue. It’s both rewarding and fun.

Geek out with me

I’m a gamer, nerd, and occasional cosplayer. This comes out in various forms both online and offline. You can check out my curated geeky content at the following social media outlets: