Hi! I’m Angela.

I’m a Web developer and “Renaissance woman“.

I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in tech: Amazon, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.

I’ve been fixing ALL KINDS of website problems since 2006. Over 15 years now. And I’m confident I can fix yours too.

Currently busy freelancing

During the pandemic, I’m freelancing and consulting. It keeps me safe, and it means I can help more people with their websites.

Check out my business

Using my experience as a web developer over the years I am now helping small businesses, individuals, and nonprofits with their websites. I fix issues, customize solutions, and keep websites running well.

Gaming & nerdiness

I’m a gamer, nerd, and occasional cosplayer. This comes out in various forms throughout the web. You can check out this side of me through my gaming streams, videos, and social media.

Foster dog parenting

Dogs are great. I have adopted rescue dogs and often open my home to take care of foster dogs through a local animal rescue. It’s both rewarding and fun. Plus I made an Instagram account for my doggos.