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Hi! I’m Angela Giese.

I also go by Angie.

I’m a web developer and content creator who lives near Seattle WA USA along with my husband and two dogs. For those familiar with the area I’m in Redmond.

For my career, I love to code and make websites easy to use on any device and any browser. As a web developer, my focus is on the functionality of websites and web apps. My job is to help create great experiences for your users that align with marketing and design plans, plus provide an easy service so you can focus on other aspects of your business and get on with your day

As for me personally, I am a huge nerd and love games, anime, cosplay, reading, sci-fi and fantasy shows. Plus I like crafts and have a ton of interests, which makes me a Renaissance Woman. You could call me a ‘real’ and fair person with a casual and friendly demeanor. My creative side comes out in personal projects and hobbies.

Need help with your website?

Check out my company Code Rocket Studios, LLC.