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A new website for the Starry Night Inn

The Starry Night Inn wanted to switch from Wix to Squarespace. The owners wanted help to make sure the new website, on a new content management system for them, was set up correctly and made sense to visitors.

I helped them by going through each page to do various checks and adjustments to get the website ready to launch. The owners and staff also need to be able to make updates and additions to the website at any time without the need for a developer.

We ended up releasing a great-looking website that is easy to use by staff and visitors.

Some project highlights

Showing off the rooms and cabins

Much care was put into the pages detailing the rooms and cabins for rent at the Inn.

Big clear photos, columns of text with room details that are easy to read and scan for what is important to the visitor, teasers at the end to navigate to more room rental options, and more needed to be implemented. - Nearby In The Neighborhood

In The Neighborhood

Part of the project was creating a sort of directory of places to go in the town when you stay at the Inn. It’s a lot of info.

For this page, the new navigation links near the top needed to jump to the different sections such as Art, Eats, Spirits, and more. Fonts were made consistent across the page. Columns were used to make the content more scannable by the eye, with whitespace around each listing.

Screenshots from the project launch

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