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Ectypos Architecture website revamp

This great architecture firm hired help to redo their WordPress website. The team in charge hired me to take care of the website development to get WordPress to look like their designs, and of course make sure it’s easy to use and manage for the owners. We worked together to get this website up-to-date with all of the content, design, and features requested. The result was a website that should suit their needs for years to come.

Project Details

The client already had a website, but it needed to be updated. WordPress, the theme, plugins, and the website content all needed updates. I was the web developer so I updated the WordPress installation, got a new version of the theme, then got each page set up with the new content and other touches to make sure it matched design mockups.

I worked together with Joy Rubin Creative and Fish to Water on this project to deliver the finished website to Ectypos Architecture.

The finished website

Below are a few screenshots of the website at launch. You can also go check out the website for yourself.