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The Seattle Times homepage re-design in 2011

Between 2009 and 2011 I was a Web Designer/Developer for The Seattle Times classifieds websites and the news website.

I implemented new branding and marketing campaigns for various websites while working with marketing and design teams. I collaborated with designers, marketing, engineers, and quality assurance to complete projects.

During the news website re-design, I helped clean up the code and system so it ran on 1/4 of the code with dramatic performance improvements to the delight of the company. This also involved custom coding improvements and better usability for their custom content management system.

Skills involved: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop, custom content management system templating, third-party template creation, and HTML emails.

Before & after images of the news website re-design in 2011

The Seattle Times home page in 2011 BEFORE the redesign
The Seattle Times home page in 2011 AFTER redesign